Health Sector

In Health sector, UT’s activities are still limited to Primary Health Care Service. It has established, so far, established rural health clinics/small hospitals at Maloncha (Jamalpur), Shamur Barhi (Louhojong, Munshiganj) and Motkhola (Kishoreganj), Feni, Sherpur, Gaibandha and Moulvibazar. These hospitals have busy outdoors with reasonably good diagnostic facilities: Pathological Lab, ECG, USG, X-ray etc. It’s indoor is only open to Eye treatments: cataract, DCT, DCR etc.

To cope with patient load, we have focused on ‘capacity building’ of these hospitals. In 2018, we already expanded Maloncha Hospital known as “Alhajj MA Rashid Maa, Shishu o Chokkhu Hospital” to create separate ‘Eye Department”. We also introduced a ‘physiotherapy center’ and a ‘diabetic center’ besides its existing EPI Center. A digital x-ray is also included recently.

Besides these, we have 4 more outdoor clinics at Momenabad (Jamalpur), Nijkunjora (Feni), Sribordi (Sherpur) and Hossainpur (Gaibandha). Most of these have basic diagnostic facilities. These are run by a full time paramedic with doctor’s schedule twice a week.

At the moment, on an average, we facilitate over 1,60,000 outdoor patients; about 25% of these patients receive free medicines. We also conduct over 6000 cataract operations annually almost free of cost for poor patients and very affordable package options for the middle earners. Besides these, UT also undertakes following events basically for the poor and rural society:

  • ◙    We conduct on an average of 10-15 Outdoor Medical Camps per year in collaboration with Specialized Hospitals like Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children (SAHIC), Starkey Hearing Foundation – USA, United Hospital Limited, Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA), Kingston Hospital etc. These are held in the vicinity of our Health Clinics and selected Slums of Dhaka City. Over 3,000 patients get benefits out of these camps. About one third of them also receive follow-up indoor treatment for complete cure.
  • ◙    It also arranges secondary and, at times, tertiary health care services to the selected ultra-poor patients, especially the children and young people, suffering from curable diseases. These are arranged in collaboration with few Govt. and private hospitals of Dhaka and other Division towns under our organized network. On an average 100 such patients get cured and go back to the normal life who once lost hope of normal life.
  • ◙    UT also involved itself in capacity building of the Govt. Health Care Facilities. In 2017-18, as a pilot project, it renovated Melandah Thana Health Complex and introduced a standard healthcare system for patients and doctors both in collaboration with Health Complex Authority and Civil Surgeon. It proved to be a landmark project.

Besides primary health care, UT is also setting up a 200 bed referral Hospital named M A Rashid Hospital at Jamalpur as pilot project to gain secondary health care capability. Though will be operated in commercial setting, it will keep its service within the affordable range of the middleclass families with very affordable discount facilities to for the poor and ultra-poor.

Health Activities

Hospital and Clinic Services

Alhajj M A Rashid Maa, Shishu O Chokkhu Hospital

Maloncha, Melandah, Jamalpur

Established 11th May 2011
Total Beds 28
Total Doctors 11
Total Staffs 40
  • 01733170560

Wahidur Rahman Sasthokendro


Established 18th September 2014
Total Beds 21
Total Doctors 6
Total Staffs 13
  • 01845247043

Shaheed Nurur Rahman Jamali Charitable Dispensary

Mominabad, Madarganj, Jamalpur

Established 1st January 2000
Total Beds
Total Doctors 2
Total Staffs 4
  • 01733170560

M A Bari Sasthokendro

Motkhola, Pakundia, kishoreganj

Established 16th December 2013
Total Beds 15
Total Doctors 4
Total Staffs 10
  • 01953315110

Yunus Khan Mahmuda Khanam Memorial Health Complex


Established 16th March 2012
Total Beds 31
Total Doctors 7
Total Staffs 12
  • 01962545322

Surjo Mukhi Outdoor Sasthokendro

Hosenpur, Fulchuri, Gaibandha

Established 27th December 2016
Total Beds
Total Doctors 1
Total Staffs 3
  • 01719963020

Hashdhora Aroggo Niketon( Outdoor Clinic)

Hashdhora, Vaidanga, Sribordi, Sherpur

Established 1st February 2017
Total Beds
Total Doctors 01
Total Staffs 2
  • 01773599110

Moulvi Tea Estate Health Center

Moulvi Tea Estate, Giasnagar, Moulvibazar Sadar

Established 15 April, 2019
Total Beds 05
Total Doctors 04
Total Staffs 07
  • 01306050908

CSML Healthcare Centre

Debpur, Burichong, Cumilla

Established 4th September 2021
Total Beds
Total Doctors 01
Total Staffs 02
  • 01734-251942

Advance Treatment

Year Number of Donation Major Area
2021 38 Jamalpur, Kishoreganj, Munshiganj, Feni and others
2020 81 Do
2019 77 Do
2018 125 Do
2017 98 Do
2016 55 Do
2015 18 Do
2014 19 Do
2013 26 Do
2012 21 Do
2011 5 Do

Health Camps

S/L Date Program & Place Description Partners
01 30.06.2016 Uttor kalshi Slum ,Mirpur General Camp, Patient-200 Kingstone Hospital
02 28.10.2016 Bindabon Slum, Mirpur,Dhaka General Camp, Patient-254 Kingstone Hospital
03 02.12.2016 Beguntila Slum, Mirpur , Dhaka General Camp, Patient-312 Kingstone Hospital
04 10.02.2017 Baoniabad slum, Pallobi, Dhaka General Camp, Patient-684 Kingstone Hospital
05 17.03.2017 Bashantek Slum, Dhaka General Camp, Patient-680 Kingstone Hospital
06 22.04.2017 Maloncha, Jamalpur ENT camp Dhaka Rotary Club and Starkey
07 28.04.2017 Uttor Kalshi, Mirpur, Dhaka General Camp, Patient-685 Kingstone Hospital
08 09.05.2017 Mothkhola, Kishoreganj ENT camp SAHIC
09 25.07.2017 Gulshan-1, Dhaka ENT camp Dhaka Rotary Club and Starkey
10 30.09.2017 Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Dhaka Eye and General Camp EKOK Attomanobik Unoin Songstha
11 13.10.2017 Beguntila Slum, Mirpur-12, Dhaka General Camp, Patient-703 Kingstone Hospital
12 15.10.2017 Shamubari,Munshiganj ENT Camp SAHIC
13 24-26.10.2017 Maloncha, Jamalpur ENT Camp Dhaka Rotary Club and Starkey
14 11.11.2017 Mothkhola, Kishoregonj ENT Camp SAHIC
15 20-22.11.2017 Maloncha, Jamalpur ENT Camp Dhaka Rotary Club and Starkey
16 17.11.2017 Sujatnagar Anando School, Mirpur-12, Dhaka General Camp, Patient- 510 Kingstone Hospital
17 15.12.2017 Bhashantek slum, Dhaka General Camp, Patient- 512 Kingstone Hospital
18 25.12.2017 Maloncha, Jamalpur Cardiac Camp United Hospital
19 30.12.2017 Maloncha, Jamalpur ENT Camp SAHIC
20 09.03.18 Free Health Camp, Beguntila, Dhaka Total patient -805 (M-292, F-553), Cost-4,25000 Kingstone Hospital
21 26.03.18 UH Free Camp, Munshigonj Total Patient- 2400, Cost-30550 United Hospital
22 29.06.18 Free Health Camp (Ma o shishu), Khililur Rahman Primary School,Ceramic, Uttor Kalshi, Mirpur Total patient-428 (F-263,Child-165), Cost- King Stone Hospital
23 12.06.18 ENT Camp, Mothkhola, Kishorganj Total patient-785(Re-32) SAHIC
24 21.09.18 Free Health Camp (Ma o shishu), Vashantek, Mirpur Total patient-350(F-216,C-134) King Stone Hospital
25 27.09.18 ENT Camp, Shamubari, Munshiganj Cost- 19690, Total Patient-270 (Refer patient-23) SAHIC
26 26.10.19 Free Health Camp (Ma o shishu), Bauniabad,Kalshi Slum, Dhaka Total Patient-547 (F-335, C-192), Cost-590,0000 King Stone Hospital
27 14.12.18 Free Health Camp (Ma o shishu), Mirpur-12 Total Patient-400 (F-237, C-163), Cost-370,0000 King Stone Hospital
28 05.02.2019 Hearing Aid Program, Munshiganj Cost-655,000, Total Patient- 127 Dhaka Rotary Club North and Star Key
29 08.03.2019 Free Health Camp, Beguntila, Dhaka Total Patient-690 (M-215, F&C-475), Cost-510,000 King Stone Hospital
30 02.03.2020 Free Hearing Aid Camp, Mothkhola, Kishoreganj Total Patient-142 Dhaka Rotary Club North and Star Key