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United Trust is the Social Welfare organ of the United Group, a renowned conglomerate of the Country’s Business Sector. As such, a few words on United Group are necessary as introductory to know about United Trust. The journey of United Group began in 1978 when few like-minded close friends invested their meager assets and formed a company. From the beginning, they always chose to set their course to uncharted destinations of the business world and succeeded. Their steps were small but the vision was vast. Walking together, taking vows together, sharing struggle together – that’s how the old friends are still together and, in the process, grown from seed to a mighty tree.

With Allah’s blessings, today, United Group has come through a long way to become one of the most recognized, diverse and successful Business Houses of the country. Throughout its journey it never forgot its commitments to the society and kept them involved in various social undertakings as part of their social responsibilities.

As the urge for social commitments increased day by day, Group felt the necessity to institutionalize, expand and diversify their efforts to respond to the needs of the society. As such, with the blessing of Almighty, United Trust was formed in 2010 and registered (registration no. 1359) on 22 December 2011 and was enlisted in the “Joint Stock Companies & Firms (Registration No S-12523/2016) on 19th December 2016. Doing something for the society has always been considered by the Group as its religious obligation rather than CSR since this responsibility is nothing less than obligatory in the eyes of religion for all financially capable Muslims.

United Trust (UT) started its journey with the initial objectives to reduce the sufferings of the poor and deprived population. Its primary aim was to improve the quality of life across the board with special emphasis on rural society. Initially, it consolidated its few ongoing projects and gradually institutionalized and expanded its works commensurate its objectives.

UT implements its mission in four broad sectors: “Education”, “Health”, “Poverty Alleviation” and “Community Development”. Each sector endeavors to focus on the needs of the rural society and makes necessary efforts for the remedy: sometimes alone and sometimes in collaboration with specialized organizations. Sector wise detail activities can be seen in the “Services” head.

As a whole, together with its peers and partners, United Trust believes that it can gradually help the poor and disadvantaged population of the society to nourish them and help them to find their way forward; because, United Trust always “adds strength to the weak”.

Our Services
  • Education
  • Health
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Community Services
  • Others

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United House,
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